Submitted by: Island Girl Power
Grade Level: 9-12
Date: Ongoing
Academic Level: Ordinary
Service Learning Hours: 5 hours
Activity Level: Medium
Cost: Low
Affiliation: Island Girl Power, The Ayuda Foundation
Number of Participants: Individual or Group

Ideal for individuals or small groups of students. Research work can be primarily online. Some organizations require a Photo release and presentation permission needed before process can begin. This project allows the student to work from home with limited transportation and printing needed. This project aims to help students learn more about the social issues the face our community and services various non-profit organizations provide to the community. Personnel might be able to answer questions for an interview. Request permission from the organization you are doing the research on. They might have additional information to share with you.

Preparation Instruction:
  • English- Essay or report on why this Organization is important. What does this organization provide to the community? How can people support their efforts? How did completing the project make you feel?
  • Health- A report can be done to outline Guam’s teen pregnancy, suicide and sexual assault rates to show the importance of services like our program provides.
  • Social Studies- Emphasize the affects of civic engagement in communities and show how community and grass roots efforts help our communities.
  • Art Classes- Conduct Art Classes for our members, tie in holidays and monthly observances.

Learning Standards/Objectives:
  • To teach students about non-profit organizations and the services our group provides to the community. We also want students to know how they can volunteer or support their mission.
  • To encourage students to present the information they gathered to help share

Organization/Agency/Business Name: Island Girl Power - Kurason I Sengsong

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