Thank a Soldier Project

Thank a Soldier Project

Submitted by: Island Girl Power, FFSG
Grade Level: 9-12 
Academic Level: Ordinary
Start Date: September 2013 
End Date: October 18, 2013
Service Learning Hours: 5 hours
Activity Level: Low 
Cost: Low
Affiliation: Island Girl Power, Family Readiness Group 
Participants: Individual or Group

Ideal for individuals or groups of students. Students write short letters to soldiers that are deployed to give their support and best wishes. Contact person is Mr. Adam Diego, Project Chairperson Benefit to the soldiers- to give them encouragement and having them know that they are not alone during their deployment. Teachers must contact Mr. Diego to ensure additional letters are still needed.

Preparation Instruction:
  • English- Essay or report on why this effort is important. How can people support this effort? Does the student have any family members that are serving in the military? How did completing the project make you feel?
  • Social Studies- Emphasize the affects of civic engagement in communities and show how community and grass roots efforts help our communities.

Learning Standards/Objectives:
  • To prepare 500 letters for our deployed service members.
  • To encourage students to get involved with islandwide efforts and make a difference.To teach students to learn to write positive messages to soldiers, while learning about the war and how they can support our soldiers.

Organization/Agency/Business Name: Island Girl Power,

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