Shorty’s LAND/SEA Clean up

Shorty’s LAND/SEA Clean up

We will be hosting a beach and reef cleanup in Alupang Bay sponsored by local coffee shops, workspaces, and paddleboard organizations to showcase our brand’s first product.

Our product is our bracelets made from repurposed nets that were left for trash on our beaches. The bracelets benefit children in need in the outer islands while promoting an ecofriendly lifestyle through our innovative odor proof ashtray packaging. For every pack (2 bracelets) we sell we will be donating a pair of slippers to a child in need in the outer islands.

Preparation Instruction:

Research the proper instructions on the cleaning of algae and other environmental problems affecting Guam beaches. Learn about how ocean-related debris can be repurposed into usable items. Learn about the problem of cigarette butts on beaches. 
Bring a trash bag, gloves, and your own water for the beach clean up.
Contact Kai using the info at the bottom of the post. He will give you the exact location of the clean-up.  
Get the waiver form signed by your parent if you are a minor. 

Activity Instruction:
Join the clean-up crew at the designated location. Sign in when you arrive and out when you leave. Turn in your waiver form. 
Follow directions as to your participation at the event. (trash pick-up and sorting, algae clean-up, etc.)
Share your experience with others using social media, or with family and friends in person, communicating the importance of keeping our beaches clean. 

Reflection Instruction:

In order to earn service learning hours, a reflection needs to be turned in to a teacher who can input the hours into Power School. You need to address: What did you do? What did you learn? How was this an example of public service? 

How can you encourage the community to dispose of their trash properly ? How did the beach/algae clean up teach you about the importance of protecting and cleaning our environment and in what ways you can prevent damage to our ecosystem in the future?

Learning Standards/Objectives:
Objective: To clean the waste and litter at the beach; to encourage students to be part of the solution. 

Science Standard 1: Science as Inquiry
BI.1.4 Communicate the components and results of life science explorations using appropriate techniques.
BI. 1.6 Demonstrate by actions in the school community caring and respect for the environment and living organisms.
Science Standard 2: Life Science
BI.2.30 Recognize and describe how human beings are part of Earth’s ecosystems and that human activities can, deliberately or inadvertently, alter the equilibrium in ecosystems.


  Name: Kai Murrell
 Phone: 688-5704
Organization/Agency/Business Name: Shortys Swimwear

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