From Our Nåna's For Our Neni's: Precious Plastics Pilot Program – MCCA

From Our Nåna's For Our Neni's: Precious Plastics Pilot Program – MCCA

Micronesia Climate Change Alliance (MCCA) is a grassroots network of individuals and organizations dedicated to creating community-centered solutions to climate change. 

The Micronesia Climate Change Alliance (MCCA) is a non-profit organization that is requesting for students to join their team in creating a clean island for future generations! More info can be found on our Instagram at @micronesiaclimatealliance

Volunteers with MCCA will join us in diving into the waste stream! Students will gain access to a plethora of resources, activities, and a community of youth that aim to develop a just, clean, sustainable future!

Please email for more information!

Preparation Instruction:

Activity Instruction:
  • You will be aiding MCCA in their community project to help reduce plastics in the landfill.
  • After the introduction phase of the project, students will be able to help gather data by doing a beach or community clean up. 
  • The Introduction phase of the project will be for students to dive into the waste steam with our four (4) part webseries and write a reflection on the topics, as well as brainstorm for ideas on a community project MCCA can do to help with our waste crisis.

Reflection Instruction:

Students will reflect on their experience participating in Guam’s battle against post-consumer waste and join in the fight to help reduce waste going into the landfills. They need to address: What did they do? What did they learn? How was this an example of service learning?

Learning Standards/Objectives:

MCCA’s objective is to teach environmental awareness to students and bring a sustainable and environmentally mindset to the community by teaching them how to sort their plastics at home and lead by example to their peers. 

BI.2.23 – Students will learn how consumer plastics interact with living things on island and how long plastics takes to decompose.

BI.2.26 – students will learn how not recycling can affect the environment and how it damages ecosystems on Guam.

CH.2.2 – Students will learn how to sort plastics 2 & 5 and learn about their polymers.

3.5.2 – Students will learn how discarded products contribute to the island waste problem and how recycling can help. (science and technology) 

HS.1.3 – Students will aid in setting up a recycling program at their school and to spread awareness with their peers.


  Name: Michelle Voacolo
 Phone: 671-998-2169
Organization/Agency/Business Name: Micronesia Climate Change Alliance (MCCA)

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