Ironkids Chalan Lumasu Cleanup

Ironkids Chalan Lumasu Cleanup

 Looking to have fun and meet new people? Join us and our neighboring kids of the Ironwood community as we venture out 1 Saturday a month and pick up trash along Chalan Lumasu road. 
Teens wanting to see and be the change are encouraged and invited to attend and join us as we pick up trash along Chalan Lumasu road. We have partnered with the Dededo mayor’s office for this event. If time permits’ we will try to touch up on the pipeline as well. Unfortunately, illegal dumping is still an issue especially on roads that are somewhat abandoned. Help us make a difference and keep Guam beautiful.

Preparation Instruction:

Permission and waiver forms are to be signed prior to joining. Bring your own water bottle, closed-toe shoes must be worn. If you need directions to the meeting place, ask Ms. Crystal Guevara.

Activity Instruction:

We meet at 7:30am at the Ironwood Estates Community center and expect to be done by 12 noon back at the community center. 
Team work is a must especially when it comes to large bulky items, we must be able to communicate with one another to get the job done. 
Please follow directions of the project leader as to your assignment and safety concerns. 

Reflection Instruction:

In order to earn service learning hours, a reflection needs to be turned in to a teacher who can input the hours into Power School. You need to address: What did you do? What did you learn? How was this an example of public service? A half-page essay will be expected after trash pick up. Reflection topic will include environment topics.

Learning Standards/Objectives:

Our objective for this is to keep Guam beautiful at all times. If trash and illegal dumping continues it may very well be the silent killer to all of Guam’s natural and beautiful wild life that we have. We must do what we can to be a change that we desperately need to see. We anticipate picking up all or as most of the trash permitted within the time frame we have.

Guam Department of Education Social Studies Standards:
Government and Civics

AG.4.16: Practice personal character traits that facilitate thoughtful and effective participation in civic life, including the


• Trustworthiness and honesty

• Courtesy and respect for the rights of others

• Responsibility, accountability, and self-reliance

• Respect for the law

AG.4.17: Explain the importance of thoughtful and effective participation in civic life, including the following:

• Obeying the law a• Performing public service

• Keeping informed about current issues

• Respecting differing opinions in a diverse society

• Practicing personal and fiscal responsibility

GDOE Science Standards- Biology

BI.1.5: Be curious, honest, open, and skeptical and value these attributes in others while engaged in life science activities.

BI.1.6: Demonstrate by actions in the school community caring and respect for the environment and living organisms.

Science - Anatomy and Physiology

 AP.1.5: Demonstrate by actions in the community caring and respect for the environment, human beings, and all living things.


  Name: Crystal Guevara
 Phone: 486-1497
Organization/Agency/Business Name: Ironkids Clubhouse

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