Guam Earth Bucket

Guam Earth Bucket

Submitted by: Island Girl Power
Grade Level: 9-12
Start Date: Ongoing
End Date: Ongoing
Academic Level: Ordinary
Service Learning Hours: 10 hours
Activity Level: Medium
Cost: Low
Affiliation: Island Girl Power, Guam Coastal Management Program, Dept. of Agriculture
Number of Participants: Individual or Group

Ideal for individuals or small groups of students. Large groups can be done given space, equipment and materials are easy to find. Preferred location to facilitate project is at the student’s home, youth center or community location. This project uses mostly recycled items and allows the student to work from home in cases of transportation issues. This project aims to teach students how to follow instructions to create an Earth Bucket using some commonly used household tools. After project is completed soil and seedling are set the student makes arrangements to donate the bucket to a person with disabilities or a senior citizen to help them to grow their own produce such as tomatoes, eggplant, herbs or various vine plants. Directions are available from Island Girl Power in brochure form. Video demonstrations are also available online.

Preparation Instruction:
  • Science- Water Conservation (earth bucket vs regular bucket with holes at bottom). How much water is saved? How does this system more effectively provide water to plant without overwatering?
  • English- Essay or report on why this project is important, how project was made and who were the partners that assisted. How did completing the project make you feel? How did donating the bucket you made make you feel? Would you make more of these for your home?
  • Math- Math formulas can be used to measure the amount of water saved when comparing the two bucket designs. For High School Seniors calculations can be more elaborate by showing how much water is saved by using an earth bucket as opposed to the standard bucket with holes at the bottom.
  • Health- A report can be done to explain how gardening can increase a person’s health and wellbeing. In addition, the report can show the health benefits of having fresh vegetables available.
  • Social Studies- Food Sustainability, service to seniors and persons with disabilities.

Learning Standards/Objectives:
  • To teach students about the usefulness of recycled items, while empowering them to find ways to help others in the community.
  • Introduce Food Security, sustainability, water conservation and collaborative partnerships for resources.

Organization/Agency/Business Name: Island Girl Power

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