Basketball Clinic in the Park

Basketball Clinic in the Park

 A basketball court is located in formerly abandoned parks that Island Girl Power has adopted. You can serve your community by teaching younger children the skills and rules of the game. At the same time, you are making use of this park in a positive way to promote a healthy lifestyle. 

Preparation Instruction:

Call us to schedule an available date. 

Schedule and discuss activity days with Island Girl Power Coordinators

Plan fun lesson for neighborhood children, get it approved by the project coordinator at Island Girl Power.

Get waiver form and release signed by your parents. 

Make sure the children who sign up for the clinic have filled out the appropraite waiver forms with Island Girl Power. 

Activity Instruction:
You will teach younger students basketball skills. Make sure you know the  proper techniques and rules of the game in order to teach younger students these skills. Please take pictures and post on social media using hashtag #guamservicelearning.

Reflection Instruction:
In order to earn service learning hours, you will need to turn in a reflection to a teacher. The reflection should address: What did I do? What did I learn? What did I try to teach the the children who came to the clinic? How was this an example of service to the community? 

Learning Standards/Objectives:

To encourage fitness activities

To offer positive alternatives to neighborhood children

To expand the use of neighborhood parks.

Standard 1: Motor Skills and Movement Patterns
HS.1.2 Model or teach mature (proficient) motor skills and movement pattern to another student. EXAMPLE(S): Guide a peer through the steps of basketball.

Standard 5: Responsible Personal and Social Behavior
HS.5.1 Demonstrate safe and appropriate use and care of equipment and facilities. EXAMPLE(S): Anticipate potentially dangerous situations related to physical activity 

HS.5.2 Relate the benefits of physical activity to social and emotional well-being. EXAMPLE(S): Participate with friends and/or family in physical activities to relax, relieve stress.

HS.5.3 Describe the potential physiological risks associated with physical activity in various environments. EXAMPLE(S): Monitor temperature and humidity; drink water while in hot weather.

HS.5.4 Apply game rules accurately and fairly during activity. EXAMPLE(S): Self-officiate a game with respect and compassion for children with individual differences.


  Name: Juanita Blaz
 Phone: 688-4752
Organization/Agency/Business Name: Island Girl Power

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