BAMBOO Invasive Species Awareness & Removal

BAMBOO Invasive Species Awareness & Removal

Submitted by: Island Girl Power
Grade Level: 9-12
Start Date: Ongoing
End Date: Ongoing
Academic Level: Ordinary
Service Learning Hours: 10hours
Cost: Low
Affiliation: Island Girl Power, Guam Coastal Management Program

Ideal for small groups of students. Cost for this project is little to nothing. Items needed are gloves, saw or machete, pruners, rope, hammer, nails and work clothes and shoes. Preferred location to remove bamboo is southern Guam, with mayor’s approval. Hut construction should be done with permission from the principal or mayor for a school or a community park. This project encourages students to communicate with their Mayor and various agencies to learn about how this invasive plant (BAMBOO) is affecting our storm drains, rivers, and shoreline. Research location where bamboo is growing out of control, communicate with mayor of that village and get permission to cut what you need for your project. Discuss where you would like to donate your hut, discuss designs and possible building methods. Communicate with your school or a nearby elementary or middle school, park or senior center that would be interested in adopting your hut. Take photos before and after. Remember to take pictures or video the process.

Preparation Instruction:
  • Science- Research BAMBOO as an invasive species for Guam.
  • English- Essay or report on why this project is important. Talk briefly about this project and why you selected the location for donating your hut. How did completing the project make you feel? Set up a presentation board to show how you creatively used this invasive species and how your project looked when you were done.
  • Math- Math formulas can be used to section off and measure the area for clearing the invasive species. Measurements for building your hut and how you calculated how much Bamboo you would need for this project. For High School Senior’s projects can be more elaborate by recording a time lapse video or instructional video to help others.

Learning Standards/Objectives:
  • To empower students to learn about the invasive species on Guam and how we can assist in eradicating or controlling them.
  • Offer a service learning project that can be done in their back yard or in their immediate community with little to no expense, but seeks to address an island wide issue.

Organization/Agency/Business Name: Island Girl Power

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