Ayuda Foundation Research Assistance

Ayuda Foundation Research Assistance

Humanitarian non-profit organization needs research on a variety of projects on Guam and throughout Micronesia for grant funding proposals. Make a difference and support research on grants that improve the quality of life for Pacific Islanders.

Ayuda is working on grants for climate change, fresh water issues, urban parks , childhood obesity, teen pregnancy, disaster preparedness, urban farming and repurposing donated items.

Preparation Instruction:
  • Watch a short tutorial explaining our mission and needs.  You will learn how you can help us with research for upcoming grants. These grants require up to date statistics and research. 
  • Go to our website, https://ayudamicronesia.org to review our many PowerPoint presentations that showcase past local and regional humanitarian projects. 
  • Connect with Ayuda Executive Director for discussion on which topic of a grant suits your interest. For example, what is the daily water consumption of islanders living in Yap atoll islands? Or how many Guam school aged children receive physical education classes? Or what is the freight cost of moving humanitarian cargo to the Mortlock Islands? These are the type of statistics that can be found in public records, reports, government websites etc.  Plan out what you will research.
  • Ask if there is a deadline. 

Activity Instruction:
  • Begin your research. Compile your findings in a Word Document.
  • Remember to write down the SOURCE. Where did you find this information. What date did you find it? What is the website address? This can be copied/pasted onto the word document.
  • Write down the date and the hours you spent doing the research.

Reflection Instruction:
Reflection will depend on what the issue was that you reseached. For example, If you researched the water needs of isolated atolls, you would have an appreciation of how climate change is affecting Islanders and feel proud that you have had a role in helping to improve the water security of the most vulnerable Island communities. Also, you will question water usage in your own life and make changes to minimize wasting wasting water. Basically, address: What did you do? What did you learn? How was this a service? How do you think this project made a difference in improving life in these communities?

Learning Standards/Objectives:
  • My objective is to direct web surfing skills into research that can increase success of grant, to increase  awareness of the issue being researched, and hopefully to direct students to a career in which there is a need.
  • Social Studies Standard 3: Geography:Students learn to create spatial views and geographic perspectives of the world by studying people, places, and human environment interactions. PERFORMANCE INDICATORS: WG.3.8 Analyze problems and make decisions using geographical knowledge, skills, and perspectives in order to interpret the past, understand the present, and plan for the future. 
  • Educational Technology: Standard 3: Research for Problem Solving and Decision Making: Students plan and conduct research, manage projects, solve problems, and make informed decisions using appropriate digital toolsand resources.9–12.3.1 Define potential topics on current issues, problems to solve, or significant questions using appropriate digitalresources (e.g., resource databases, websites, online projects, blogs).9–12.3.2 Organize a project or inquiry using online tools (e.g., wikis, web quests, storyboards).9–12.3.3 Select a variety of sources (e.g., resource databases, video interviews, online experts, documentaries) to reflect diverse perspectives on an issue.9–12.3.4 Use advanced functions of search engines, including the help menu and directories, to identify resources for different purposes.


  Name: Carlotta Leon Guerrero
 Phone: 473-3003
  Email: AyudaMicronesia@gmail.com
Organization/Agency/Business Name: Ayuda Foundation

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