Friends of the Park - Dededo Rainforest Restoration Park

Friends of the Park - Dededo Rainforest Restoration Park

Island Girl Power is a program of Kurason I Sengsong in Dededo. We have adopted management of a parcel of land next to our compound to develop a Rainforest Restoration Park. The park provides students and the community an opportunity to experience the elements of nature, such as plants and animals, in a serene setting. This huge project needs as much support as possible.

Activities such as invasive species removal and trail maintenance are always needed. Other activities, such as planting coconut and other native trees, planting fruit trees for our fruit forest, will also be occurring. As you help in these tasks, you will also learn how to identify native, indigenous, useful, and invasive species. By walking the trails and working on the tasks, you will be involved in a physical fitness activity. By working to maintain this park, you will be helping to provide the community with a park in which to relax and experience nature. 

Preparation Instruction:
Fill out the volunteer pledge and volunteer form. You must take a tour of KISs - Island Girl Power and attend an orientation. Call to schedule your tour and service days or message on WhatsApp 671-688-4752
Wear clothing appropriate for work in the outdoors. A hat is recommended. Wear mosquito repellent if you are prone to mosquito bites. Bring water. 

Activity Instruction:
A tour and a briefing of the park project and safety briefing will be given to each student and their parent or guardian. Follow the team leader to the Park and listen carefully to his/her instructions, especially as he/she points out the native and invasive species. Walking is a physical fitness activity, so take note of how the physical work you are doing is promoting your physical health. The leader will give you instructions as to your service task. Take pictures if possible and share on social media with the hashtag #guamservicelearning #dededorainforestpark #friendsoftheparks

Reflection Instruction:
In order to earn service learning hours, you will need to notify your teacher before you start, turn in a reflection to your teacher who can input the hours into your Power School. You will need to address: What did you do? What did you learn? How was this a benefit to you in terms of your physical fitness? How was this a service to the community? 

Learning Standards/Objectives:

Standard 2: Life Science

Students understand the diversity and unity of living organisms, the living environment, and principles of ecology.

BI.2.27: Understand and explain the significance of the introduction of species, such as the brown tree snake and other invasive species into Guam’s ecosystem, and describe the consequent harm to native species and the environment in general.

Standard 5: Responsible Personal and Social Behavior

Students exhibit responsible personal and social behavior that respects self and others in physical activity settings

HS.5.2 Relate the benefits of physical activity to social and emotional well-being.

EXAMPLE(S): Participate with friends and/or family in physical activities to relax, relieve stress.


  Name: Justin Hale
 Phone: +16716884752
Organization/Agency/Business Name: Island Girl Power - Kurason I Sengsong

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