Family Garden

Family Garden

Submitted by: Island Girl Power
Grade Level: 9-12
Start Date: Ongoing
End Date: Ongoing
Academic Level: Ordinary
Service Learning Hours: 10 hours
Activity Level: Medium to High
Cost: Medium
Affiliation: Island Girl Power, Dept. of Agriculture, UOG Cooperative Extension and USDA
Number of Participants: Individual or Group

Ideal for individuals or small groups of students to partner on each other’s garden . Cost for this project depends on materials available, donations and borrowed resources. Preferred location to facilitate project is at the student’s home, youth center or community location. This project encourages students to learn about food sustainability by improving their family’s personal situation. Community partners like UOG Cooperative Extension, Island Girl Power, Department of Agriculture and USDA have resources that can assist you with plants, equipment, technical assistance and grants to fund your project. Online directions and video demonstrations are also available online.

Preparation Instruction:
  • Science- Research type of garden that is appropriate for the area that is available. (Container gardens, raised beds, earth buckets, windowsill garden, or hydroponic gardens)
  • English- Essay or report on why this project is important, how was the garden style selected and who were the partners that assisted. How did completing the project make you feel? 3 months later, How did the garden change your schedule and what other impacts did it have on you and your family?
  • Math- Math formulas can be used to measure the area of the garden and the spacing between plants. For Senior’s projects can be more elaborate by extending the time frame to do a time lapse video or instructional video to help others.
  • Health- A report can be done to explain how gardening can increase a person’s health and wellbeing. In addition, the report can show the health benefits of having fresh vegetables available.

Learning Standards/Objectives:
  • To teach students about the food security & sustainability issues, while empowering them to help their families and others.
  • Increase consumption of fresh produce and promote collaboration with partners for resources.


  Name: Juanita Blaz
 Phone: +16716884752
Organization/Agency/Business Name: Kurason Isengsong - Island Girl Power

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