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It's the law:Guam's students need Service Learning hours to graduate.

Public Law 28-41 recognizes the importance of service learning and has mandated it as a requirement for all high school students. Students are required to have earned 75 hours of service learning in order to graduate.

Projects on this website are Pre-Approved.

The Ayuda Foundation has an MOU with the GDOE to provide this website as a way to connect students in pursuit of service learning projects with the community.

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This website is free for everyone (YAY!)

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  • "Thanks to, I was able to find a really awesome project. I made my hours."
    - John T.
  • "I can't believe how easy this website is. That's why I recommend it to all my friends. Thanks, now I can get the hours I need."
    - Melissa C.
  • "Hey, this website rocks! I chose a project and can track my hours. Thanks! Peace."
    - Liz S.
  • "Cool site, almost works like an app. Kudos to you guys for putting it together and making it easy for us to choose SL projects."
    - Michael S.N.
    Southern High
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