Prutehi i Tåno' yan i Tåsi

Prutehi I Tåno' and Tåsi (Protect the Land & Sea) is a project of the Ayuda Foundation, a local non-profit organization dedicated to improving the quality of life for Pacific islanders and protecting the environment that supports us all. The goal of Prutehi i Tåno' yan i Tåsi is to provide opportunities for Guam's high school students that will allow them to satisfy the legally mandated service learning requirement of the Guam Department of Education curriculum.

By bringing students, teachers, businesses and government agencies together to foster philanthropy education, Prutehi i Tåno' yan i Tåsi hopes to encourage a sense of responsibility to our environment and an urgency to protect our natural resources.

Public Law 28-41 recognizes the importance of service learning and has mandated it as a requirement for all high school students. Students are required to have earned 75 hours of service learning in order to graduate.

The Ayuda Foundation is also the parent organization of Micronesian Medical Missions and Island Girl Power.