Project Information

Healing Art Understudy
Education, Environment Stewardship, Health Services
Biology, Environmental Science, Agriculture, Botany, Agri-Science, Business, Consumer and Family Science, English, Chamorro
Outside of School
Project Ended
Juanita C.V. Blaz
Suruhana Apprentice
Basic Information
  • Amot Tao Tao Tano
    Bernice Nelson
    10, 11, 12
    Not Suitable for Persons with Disabilities
    No Costs

  • Description

    Service Project Description: - Direct Service (work with people) Learn to identify and the the uses for medicinal plants, give tours and educational presentations in the community - Indirect Service (provide organization support)Assist Amot Tao Tao while being educated on the ways of the Suruhana, help develop a social media campaign to bring awareness to your peers about the work of a suruhana. - Advocacy (encourage/take civic action) Help promote and provide a voice for youth in the perpetuation of the chamorro culture

    Career Pathway/Field


    To educate students and build awareness about the uses of Local Herbal Medicine


    Contact Mrs. Nelson to ensure the apprentice or understudy positions are still available. Discuss the schedule you are committing to, which day of the week you can attend for 3 months or 15 hours, and inquire about the type of work you will be helping with. Towards the end of the 2 months (end of the quarter) you can submit a poster board, powerpoint, essay or video presentation of your service time with the organization. Make sure to give a copy to Amot Tao Tao Tano


    Outdoor work / direct sunlight / physical labor / requires a positive helpful attitude

    Issue Area

    Reviving Cultural Practices

    Agency Description

    Healing Garden is located in Swamp Road and contains more than 200 medicinal plants

    Point of Contact Informations

    Bernice Nelson Phone 671-637-7201

    Comments about the Project Location

    Swamp Road, near NCS entrance, look for blue pallets and Amot & Worm Farm sign. Please call before you visit. All visitors must schedule an appointment as they are sometimes not at the location or conducting a tour.