Project Information

Sub-irrigated planters
George Washington High School, John F. Kennedy High School, Okkodo High School, Simon Sanchez High School, Southern High School, Guam Community College, Tiyan High, J.P. Torres Alternative School
Education, Environment Stewardship, Health Services, Social Welfare, Veterans
Health, Physical Education, Recreation & Dance, Ecology, Biology, Environmental Science, Agriculture, Culinary, Agri-Science, Consumer and Family Science, English, Chamorro
Outside of School
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Juanita C.V. Blaz
Basic Information
  • Island Girl Power / THe Ayuda Foundation
    Juanita Blaz Director,and Enviro Manager
    9, 10, 11, 12
    Not Suitable for Persons with Disabilities
    $10 optional

  • Description

    $10 is optional... Students that are able to contribute $10 will receive an Earth Bucket to take home. (NOT REQUIRED)

    We will work with students explaining measurements and assist them in the use of tools to make Earth Buckets. After the earth buckets are completed we work to match them with a person with disabilities or a senior citizens to donate the unit to. This is to help them with food sustainability and allow them to productively contribute to their family table by caring for the earth bucket and the plant within.

    Must attend minimum of 2 workdays to complete project

    Must upload reflection or give us a copy of your reflection assignment

    Career Pathway/Field

    Agriculture, teaching


    Learn to follow design instructions with measurements, to use power tools and equipment, to make an earth bucket and give it to a person in need with a food plant and soil included.

    Make students aware of the need to conserve our water and soil resources.

    This helps to make students aware of a wonderful use of recycled products 


    • Sign up- Take volunteer tour & safety briefing
    • Show up with project fee
    • Make earth bucket
    • Donate it, take pictures
    • Be happy

    Feel free to use information to make more for your family members as a gift. PROJECT START DATE Jan- May 2017 Must have minimum of 10 hours to complete project If you do not have $10 Fee you may still participate and create give away Earth Buckets but you may not be able to take one home.

    Must come for a minimum of 2 saturdays

    Must take a picture donating it to a Senior Citizen or Person with Disabilities to complete project


    IGP will provide supervision and give detailed, guided instruction to use power tools and equipment.

    People can help make Earth Buckets without the $10 fee, however they cannot keep one Earth Bucket. 

    Issue Area

    Food Sustainability / Healthy food choices
    Access to produce for persons with disabilities or senior citizens

    Agency Description

    Youth Leadership / Female Empowerment

    Point of Contact Informations

    Juanita Blaz 688-4752
    989-1604 to schedule new volunteer tour 

    Comments about the Project Location

    This project can take place at the youth's home if they collect all the materials and work with an adult on their own.

    Otherwise they can work with us on our scheduled dates and we will provide all necessary items. Call for scheduled dates 989-1604 

    We aim to make 50-100 per year out of our facility. In these cases we will provide all of the equipment, supplies, materials and tools. We will work with students to accomplish their service learning needs and extra buckets will be for us to donate or to sell at our Thrift Store. Our LOCATION Ysengsong Rd. Dededo call for details 688-4752