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Usable Used School Supply Collection
Education, Environment Stewardship
Social Studies, Ecology, Geography
School and Outside of School
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Diane Aoki
Basic Information
  • Ayuda Foundation
    Diane Aoki
    9, 10, 11, 12
    Suitable for Persons with Disabilities
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  • Description

    The Broken Crayon Project is a collection drive of usable school supplies at the end of the school year. These supplies will be distributed through our partners to community organizations and schools in the islands of the Federated States of Micronesia to which our shipping partners travel. 


    Students (individually or as a group) can earn service learning hours in one or more of these ways:

    1) Adopt a school (or schools). Decorate boxes in which supplies can be deposited. Promote the drive at the school, bring the donations to our collection site, Agueda Johnston Middle School in Ordot. 

    2) Organize a collection drive in your community, such as your neighborhood, church, or community organizations. 

    3) Help to sort and box the donations at our collection site. This date will be announced, but likely to be held the last week of June. 

    Career Pathway/Field

    Education; Non-profit organizations; Shipping and distribution



    Students will participate in a public service and learn about the less fortunate students in our region. 

    AG.4.17 (Civics)

    Explain the importance of thoughtful and effective participation in civic life, including the following:

    • Performing public service

    •WG.3.1 (Geography)

    Analyze maps, globes, satellite images, photographs, or diagrams using the following:

    • Geographical information about the world’s countries, cities, and environments

    WG.5.2 (Economics)

    Compare and contrast developed and developing countries and relate their level of economic development to theistandard of living and quality of life.


    Students -  register on this website. Write an email to Diane Aoki describing what you plan to do and estimate how many hours you plan to put into the project. Prepare for  the project by reading about the Broken Crayon Project ( and about the Federated States of Micronesia to get a sense of the area to which we are sending the donations. (  and ( 

    In order to earn the service learning hours, you must do a reflection on the project. Address these questions: What did you do? How many hours did you put into the project? In what way was this a public service? Why is it important to send these supplies to these islands (consider the geography of these islands as isolated)? Compare  the supplies a typical student on Guam has on the first day of school and these supplies that a student in these islands will have on the first day. What does this tell you about their level of economic development and their standard of living? What are your conclusions? (If  you need help with your reflection, contact Diane Aoki). 

    Upload the reflection to your dashboard. It will be sent to Diane Aoki. She will determine how many hours you earned based on your participation, including the reflection, then send you a certificate of completion to your dashboard. You will need to take your reflection and this certificate to one of your teachers to input into your PowerSchool records. 



    Issue Area

    Educational Resources in Developing Places

    Agency Description

    Non-profit community development, disaster relief and environmental organization

    Point of Contact Informations

    473-3003 or 689-2654 or

    Carlotta Leon Guerrero at 473-3003

    Comments about the Project Location

    We will announce the days we will be specifically sorting and boxing the donations.