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John F. Kennedy High School
Education, Social Welfare
Social Studies, Health, Physical Education, Recreation & Dance, English, Language Arts
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Jamela Santos
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  • Island Girl Power
    Jamela Santos
    9, 10, 11, 12
    Suitable for Persons with Disabilities
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  • Description

    Students will participate in a series of 4 workshops that will teach skills to know the signs of someone who is at risk for suicide. They will also learn how to make appropriate referrals for help should they determine that someone they know is considering suicide.

    Students will create a "zine" (informational mini magazine) to distribute to their peers. The zine will contain a summary of information they learned in the workshops. For example, a list of warning signs, ways to approach someone they are worried about, how to spot behavioral changes in someone, a list of professionals where someone can get help if they are at risk or need someone to talk to.

    Students will be able to present the information contained in their zine to peers in their health/PE class.

    Career Pathway/Field

    Health educator; medicine; nursing; communications


    The following Health standards followed by GDOE apply to this project:


    Utilize skills for communicating effectively with family, peers, and others to enhance health.



    Demonstrate how to ask for and offer assistance to enhance the health of self and others.


    1) Students should attend 1 workshop a week for 4 weeks. Workshops will last approximately 1 - 1.5 hours each session.

    2) To close each session, students will list down a summary of the key points learned from the workshop for that day. This is in preparation for creating their zine.

    3) After completing all 4 workshops, the students will continue to meet to finalize their zine. This includes formatting a document with their written summaries, charts and statistics of suicide rates, list of resources.

    4) The zine will be printed and prepared for distribution to peers (minimum/maximum number of copies to be determined)

    5) Students will spend time planning for their oral presentations. This includes talking with health/PE teachers to plan the best time to present their information to classes. They will also practice how they will conduct the presentations.

    6) Students will write a reflection paper outlining a summary of what they learned about suicide prevention; how they plan to use the new information; why it is important for their peers and school community; and whether they learned anything about themselves through the process.



    Issue Area

    Suicide Prevention Skills

    Agency Description

    Non-Profit Prevention Program

    Point of Contact Informations


    Comments about the Project Location

    In coordination with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Guam and Micronesian Resource Center One Stop Shop, the workshops will be held at the Harmon McDonald's location on the second floor. This is a meeting space that our partner organization has been using to conduct workshops with youth who particpate in their programs.