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5 gallons of Change for CHAMORU Language and Culture
Okkodo High School
SiƱot Jonathan Diaz's 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th Period Classes ONLY
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Jonathan Frank Blas Diaz
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    Jonathan Frank B. Diaz
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    ADVOCACY IN SUPPORT of CHAMORU LANGUAGE AND CULTURE - Sitbision Tiningo' Gi Hålom Kuatto' Gi Eskuelan Takhilo' Okkodo 

    How do we represent the character "MAISA" in the short film series "MAISA - the girl that saved Guam?  What can you and I do to help make a difference to help "save" Guam?  How can we be ambassadors of CHANGE in order to save the CHAMORU Language and Culture?  These were reflection questions that each of my students wrote about concerning the state of our indigenous language and culture of Guam at the beginning of 3rd Quarter.  


    As a direct way to answer this question, I had my students research local, national, and international NON-PROFIT Organizations who are helping to advance the Chamoru Language and Culture and its perpetuation.  


    For each of my classes, students will be learning about these non-profit organizations and will be collecting Spare Change in order to donate their collections to the Non-Profit Organizations of their choosing.  During Gupot Chamoru here at Okkodo High School, students from each of my classes who have collected coins will be presented at the close of Mes Chamoru in March or April 2017 (depending upon the availability of the non-profit organization.

    2.5. hours of service learning will be allotted for in-house service learning (collection during each class  for 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th periods (during the months of February and March 2017) while the remaining 2.5 hours of service learning will be used as a volunteer to help the non-profit of their choosing in some tangible way or at the discretion of the non-profit organization itself.

    This collection drive, SPARE the CHANGE for CHAMORU Language and CULTURE, may be opened up to the entire school community during the week that Okkodo High School celebrate Gupot Chamoru.  Students will be able to celebrate their accomplishments during Gupot Chamoru.

    Overall, one of our School-wide Learning Outcomes at Okkodo High School is TO EMBRACE CULTURAL DIVERSITY.  Perhaps, by this simple outreach in collecting some money from the pockets of my students may help to reinforce this value. Their generosity back to the community may enhance not only the mission of the Non-Profit, but to build upon a relationship with our school for future events that Okkodo High School may be considered a partner.

    Students must prepare a reflection paper on what they did and how they, in a little way, helped to SAVE GUAM and the CHAMORU LANGUAGE and CULTURE.  Reflection: 1 page typed to be submitted, DUE March 30th or March 31st, 2017 during class time.  


    For more information, pleae contact Siñot Jonathan Diaz.  

    Career Pathway/Field

    Chamoru Language and Culture Perpetuation and Revitalization


    To help Save the Chamoru Laguage and Culture by Supporting a Non-Profit Organization that supports Chamoru Langauge and Culture through a Coin Drive.

    Chamorro Studies Standards

    Share experiences from the Chamorro class within the school and/or community.



    Describe important people within the family and community.



    Find and use multimedia sources of information in the Chamorro language and culture to acquire information for other classes or for personal interests.



    Participate in events that promote Chamorro language use and cultural understanding in the school or in the community.

    Students should learn but are not limited to:

    Participate in Kompetasion Lengguåhen Chamorro, Gupot Chamorro and other community events.

    Create presentation to analyze contemporary Chamorro issues and provide examples of how one can contribute to the discussion, effort, or movement of issue.



    Students must sign up for this service learning by February 10, 2017.  This Coin Drive is not imposed upon anyone, but is meant to allow students the space in order to donate time, talent and treasure to Okkodo High School and to the non-profit that they have chosen.  


    If you have any questions about this particular project, Please contact Siñot Jonathan Diaz via email at


    Students must sign up for this project no later Mach 31, 2017

    Issue Area

    CHAMORU Language and Culture

    Agency Description

    Okkodo High School

    Point of Contact Informations

    Jonathan Fank Blas Diaz or wk: (671) 300-1870 extension 5497 or (671) 482-JUAN

    Comments about the Project Location

    Students will be raising funds to donate to the nonprofit organization.  This Money Drive is completely voluntary.