Project Information

John F. Kennedy High School
Air Force JROTC, Mr. Martinez
Outside of School
Project Ended
John SN Martinez
Basic Information
  • Air Force JROTC
    9, 10, 11, 12
    Suitable for Persons with Disabilities
    No Costs

  • Description

    Cadets will assist in Bank of Guam's Annual Sugar Plum Gift Wrapping. The Sugar Plum Tree, a non-profit organization, celebrates 32 years of service in providing holiday gifts to abused, neglected and truly needy children, disabled adults and manamko of Guam. Cadets will be doing research prior to their participation on how the Sugar Plum came to be and how their participation will be of use. They will learn the different missions and goals presented by non-profit organizations and their different target groups in the community. Cadets will work to identify the different organizations that provide support to children and adults of need. Cadets will write a research/reflection paper or conduct a presentation on their findings. Cadets will learn more on how they can help the different organizations in completing their missions. 

    Career Pathway/Field



    Cadets will sign up on the Guam Service Learning website. After signing up on the website, Cadets will then inform their flight commander of their participation. Cadets will be encouraged to bring gift wrappers, markers/pens, tape and scissors to assist in the gift wrapping process. Cadets will wear their Flight Shirt, appropriate bottoms, and close toed shoes. The event will take place at Bank of Hawaii's lobby on December 11 at 9:00 AM and will end at 11:30 AM. Cadets are expected to arrive no later than 15 minutes prior to the event and picked up no later 12:00 PM. Cadets will then turn in their reflection paper or conduct a presentation no later than December 18, 2016. 


    Issue Area

    Cadets will be aware of the reality that children and adults of all ages could be neglected during the holidays. Cadets will work together to provide and spread the holiday spirit to those in need by

    Agency Description

    Point of Contact Informations

    Col. David Cruz,

    CMSgt. John Martinez,

    MSgt. Joseph Mafnas,

    C/Maj. Cendana, Roquel, 

    Comments about the Project Location

    This project will be located in Hagatna, Bank of Hawaii's lobby. It will be an indoor activity.