Project Information

Guma San Jose Support
John F. Kennedy High School
Air Force JROTC Cadets, Mr. Martinez
Education, Health Services, Social Welfare
School and Outside of School
Project Ended
John SN Martinez
Basic Information
  • Air Force JROTC
    9, 10, 11, 12
    Suitable for Persons with Disabilities
    No Costs

  • Description

    Cadets will learn about the reality of homeless situations on Guam and how the community provides assistance to rectify the individuals who are in need. Cadets will learn the mission of Guma San Jose and how they provide a recovery plan to bring our homeless members back into a stablized lifestyle and to become a productive citizen in our community. Cadets will learn how to assist homeless people by referring them to various agencies that are able to assist those who are in need. Manpower support and donations will be counted towards the Honor Flight Competition.  

    Career Pathway/Field

    Sociology, Psychology, Public Health, and Education


    Cadets who are registered will earn 1 Service Learning Hour for their research and attendance of the Guma San Jose mission. A maximum of 4 hours for their manpower support will be earned. An additional hour will be earned for a completed reflection paper or presentation in class.


    Cadets will sign up on the Guam Service Learning Website to participate in this project. Each cadet must attend a briefing conducted by a representative from Guma San Jose Shelter or a designated representative. The briefing will consist of the mission and objectives of the shelter. Cadets will be able to volunteer by providing man power support to assist members of the Guma San Jose staff in raising funds or donating canned goods for the residents. Cadets will then write a half page reflection on their learning experience on how they positively contributed to assisting their fellow islanders. Upon completion of the project, cadet leadership will invite key members of Guma San Jose Shelter to the Air Force JROTC Change of Command Ceremony for recognition. Each Flt. Commander will be responsible for the collection of goods and providing instructions for each cadet's manpower support.


    Cadets who are providing manpower support will be briefed on safety issues that are anticipated within their project location. Cadets will be under the supervision of the Guma San Jose staff.

    Issue Area

    Cadets will address social welfare programs that are available to our community's homeless issues.

    Agency Description

    Point of Contact Informations

    Col. David Cruz,

    CMSgt. John Martinez,

    MSgt. Joseph Mafnas,

    C/Capt. Jaelin Leon Guerrero

    Comments about the Project Location

    Project location will be located within the school campus for the canned food drive and various locations to include Guma San Jose Shelter for manpower support.