Project Information

Election Day 08 NOV 16
John F. Kennedy High School
Mr. Martinez's AF JROTC Cadets
Project Ended
John SN Martinez
Basic Information
  • Air Force JROTC
    9, 10, 11, 12
    Suitable for Persons with Disabilities
    No Costs

  • Description

    John F. Kennedy Air Force JROTC Cadets will assist the Advisors at the 2016 Election Day held at John F. Kennedy High School. Cadets will be guiding the voters to their respected areas based on their last name. Cadets will be greeting and welcoming the voters  to the campus and will assist the elderly persons who may need help walking to their voting area.

    Project time will begin at 7:00 AM and will end at 8:00 PM. Project time will be broken down into four, three hour shifts. To find out which shift you’re in, talk with your Flt. Commanders or contact the POC at . All cadets should be cleared from the premises by 8:30 PM. Cadets are expected to arrive by 7:00 AM for their briefing on the event.

    After the event, cadets will be required to write a one page essay on what they learned from participating in the Election Assistance, what they didn’t know prior to the event, and the contrast and comparisons between the political parties.

    Career Pathway/Field



    Cadets will sign up via the Guam Service Learning Website. After signing up through the website, cadets will then inform their Flt. Commanders of their attendance. 48 Cadets will be needed for this event. 12 cadets/3 hr shift. Cadets will show up in their Flight Shirt and Jeans/Slacks with closed toe shoes. A 1 page reflection will be required after the event and will be submitted to the Flt. Commanders no later than the 18th of November 2016.


    Issue Area

    Cadets will learn about the election process and the importance of placing a vote when you reach the voting age requirement. Cadets will use their communication skills to assist the voters to their re

    Agency Description

    Point of Contact Informations

    ​CMSgt. Martinez, John 777-6712

    C/Maj. Cendana, Roquel

    Comments about the Project Location

    Guam's 2016 General Election Assistance will be held at John F. Kennedy High School.