Project Information

John F. Kennedy High School
Education, Health Services
Health, Physical Education, Recreation & Dance, JROTC
Outside of School
Project Ended
John SN Martinez
Basic Information
  • Air Force JROTC
    9, 10, 11, 12
    Suitable for Persons with Disabilities
    No Costs

  • Description

    John F. Kennedy Air Force JROTC Cadets will assist the mentors and Special Olympic coaches with cheering and encouraging the athletes. Cadets will assist with and provide specific accommodations for participants competing.  Project time will begin at 9:00 AM and will end at 2:00 PM. Cadets should be picked up no later than 2:30 PM. Cadets will be expected to show up 30 minutes prior to the event. After the event, cadets will be required to write a one page essay on intellectual disabilities and what they learned by taking part in the Annual Special Olympics.

    Career Pathway/Field

    Education, Special Education, Health and Fitness


    Students will prepare for the event by visiting the website to get information on the reasons for and importance of the Special Olympics. 
    Students will assist and give support at the Special Olympics event.
    Students will reflect on their experience and what they learned about the Special Olympics. 


    Cadets will sign up for the event via the Guam Service Learning website. After signing up through the SL website, cadets will then inform their Flight Commanders of their attendance. Four cadets will be needed to do Color Guard for the event. Color Guard will be required to wear their Regular Blues. 25-30 Cadets will be needed to cheer and provide support and assistance to the Special Olympic athletes. Cadets will show up in their respective attire. A 1 page research/reflection paper will be required after attending the event and will be submitted to their Flight Commanders no later than the 12th of October.   


    Issue Area

    intellectual disabilities, special education

    Agency Description

    Point of Contact Informations


    CMSgt. Martinez, John 777-6712

    C/Capt. Mafnas, Rosanna 929-7442

    Comments about the Project Location

    The Annual Special Olympics will be held at Century Plaza’s Central Lanes.