Project Information

Environment Stewardship, Safety (such as Disaster Service), Marine Sciences*
Science, Health, Physical Education, Recreation & Dance, Environmental Science, Physical Science, Agri-Science
Outside of School
Project Ended
Basic Information
  • Merizo Mayor's Office
    Lucia Cruz
    9, 10, 11, 12
    Not Suitable for Persons with Disabilities
    No Costs

  • Description

    Students will participate in cleaning predetermined sections of the beach.  Physical activities would include hiking, walking, bending and lifting objects.

    Main duties of the volunteer will include but are not limited to: -Picking up different types of litter in a designated area. - Sorting recycable materials and other debris for proper disposal. - Loading and unloading tools, equipment or materials.

    Career Pathway/Field

    Natural Resource Management, Marine Science, Community Coordination


    Volunteers will:

    • Help to improve coastal areas of Merizo
    • Understand the cause and effect of illegal dumping and littering on the enviroment and our community
    • Develop a responsible attitude and habits to protect the beauty of our island enviroment by disposing of waste properly and thinking about limiting the amount of waste we generate.
    • Be able to disseminate information from the experience.
    • Serve a positive role models to help spread awareness of responsible waste disposal and cultivate recycling habits.


    Knowledge/Skills/Experience Desired: -Ability to follow directions and safety protocols. - Willingness to learn new thins. Everyone is welcome.

    1.  Volunteers must wear closed-toed shoes.

    2.  Bring a refillable water bottle- water cooler will be on site for refills.

    3.  Volunteers are recommended to wear a hat, sunscreen, and a long sleeved shirt for sun protection.

    4.  Must bring signed waiver forms if students is under 18 and will not be attending with their parents.

    5.  Sign in at Merizo Pier Park with Ms. Lucia Cruz.

    6.  Students will earn 1 hour for every hour of service action involved in the cleanup.  Additional hours can be earned by from completing reflection on this project.

    Sample reflection questions:  In what way was the Coastal Cleanup a service activity?  What did you learn? What message will you give to others about littering and pollution?  Why should we care about littering?


    Plan on getting dirty.  It will most likely be hot, but it may also rain on us.  You may be exposed to sharp glass and metal, but we are providing gloves for your protection.

    Issue Area

    Ocean Pollution; littering; community and island pride, enviromental stewardship.

    Agency Description

    The site coordinator is part of the Merizo Mayor's Office staff. Guam's Annual International Coastal Cleanup is organized by the Guam Coastal Management Program of the Bureau of Statistics and Plans.

    Point of Contact Informations

    Office #: 828-8312/2941/8772

    Cell #: 483-8855

    Comments about the Project Location

    Students will be directed by Site Leader to various clean-up sites around Merizo shore.