Project Information

Tanguisson Coastal Clean-up
John F. Kennedy High School, Okkodo High School, Simon Sanchez High School, Guam Community College, Tiyan High
Education, Environment Stewardship, Safety (such as Disaster Service), Social Welfare, Marine Sciences*
Ecology, Biology, Environmental Science, Agriculture, Chemistry, Botany, Agri-Science, Business, Geography, Chamorro
Outside of School
Project Ended
Kayle Tydingco
Basic Information
  • UnderWater World, Guam & Sea Grill Restaurant
    Kayle Tydingco
    9, 10, 11, 12
    Not Suitable for Persons with Disabilities
    $No cost

  • Description

    Students will clean predetermined sections of the beach. Physical activities would include hiking, walking, bending and lifting objects no heavier than 10-20 lbs. Main duties of the volunteer will include but are not limited to: - Listening to and abiding by safety regulations. - Picking up different types of litter in a designated area. - Sorting recyclable materials and other debris for proper disposal. - Using a shovel or rake to clean designated areas. - Loading and unloading tools, equipment or materials.

    Career Pathway/Field

    Contribute to positively impacting the environment through picking up trash, recycling, and learning about the negative impacts of humans on the environment.



    Ability to lift 10-20 lbs.

    Ability to follow instructions and safety protocols.

    Ability to accurately collect data and properly sort trash into their respective recycling categories.

    Please bring a refillable water bottle. (Water will be provided)

    The attached waiver form must be signed by all participants.

    Participants under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a supervising adult.


    Stay hydrated - drink lots of water.

    Protect yourself from the sun with a hat and sunblock.

    If you find any potentially dangerous items, leave them where they are and inform a site leader.


    -Biohazard Trash

    -Dead Animals

    -Mystery Buckets

    -Chemical Wastes


    Issue Area

    Keeping our island clean

    Agency Description

    UnderWater World’s Education Programs are designed to increase public awareness and knowledge of our planet’s coral reefs, oceans, and the animals that depend on them. Through this we hope to promote individual responsibility and stewardship for the continued well-being of our environment. UnderWater World® is dedicated to offering quality family education and entertainment for the entire island community. The Tanguisson site has been adopted by UnderWater World for the past 15 years.

    Point of Contact Informations

    Kayle Tydingco: 482-2565

    May Balajadia: