Project Information

Environment Stewardship, Marine Sciences*
Science, Ecology, Biology, Environmental Science, Physical Science, Math
Outside of School
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whitney blandford
R2R Adventure:  Pago Watershed
Basic Information
  • Guam Nature Alliance
    Linda Tatreau
    9, 10, 11, 12
    Not Suitable for Persons with Disabilities
    No Costs

  • Description

    Learn about Guam’s terrestrial (land), freshwater, and marine environment and their threats while experiencing it at the same time.  You’ll go on a nature hike and participate in a soil erosion prevention activity in Pago watershed.  You’ll also go on a kayak tour of Pago River and do water quality sampling while you’re there.  On the beach off the river, you’ll collect data on microplastics and coastal clean-up.  Through tours and service learning activities, you’ll have a better understanding of the connection between the land and the ocean. 

    Career Pathway/Field

    Conservation, Biology, Natural Resource Management


    Understand the connection between Guam’s terrestrial (land-based), freshwater, and marine environment.  Learn about negative and positive human impacts to our environment. 


    1) Pre-register for event at  2) Get waiver form signed by parent/guardian (member of same family can use one form, form available in documents and


    • WAIVER FORM:  All participants must have a signed GNA waiver (available in documents). 
    • BUS AVAILABLE:  Students can sign up to ride a bus that will transport them to and from village mayor’s office to the event; students need to register for the bus in their online pre-registration or call Point of Contact to sign up to ride the bus.  Students 18 and under must ride the bus with an adult.  Last day to sign up for the bus is April 22, 2016).
    • TEACHER APPROVAL : Make sure your teacher approves you for this project.

    Issue Area

    Land-based sources of pollution (soil erosion, marine debris)

    Agency Description

    Guam Nature Alliance is a partnership network of resource management agencies, educators, and community organizations that promote environmental education and stewardship among Guam’s community members.

    Point of Contact Informations

    POC: Linda Tatreau - or 828-7704

    POC: Laura Biggs - 777-6609

    Comments about the Project Location

    UOG Parking Lot  (across Humanities and Social Sciences Building).  Check-in area will be marked by canopies.  Buses will be on-site to transport participants between two sites for hikes and river tours within Pago Watershed.