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Art, History, Chamorro
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Vicente C. Borja
Basic Information
  • Traditional Affirming our Seafaring Ancestors
    Mr. Vicente C. Borja
    9, 10, 11, 12
    Suitable for Persons with Disabilities
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  • Description

    We are building an over 30 ft traditional Sakman canoe made from breadfruit lumber and other natural traditional materials. The use of modern material is limited to some of the rope for lashing and marine glue.

    We are at 90% completion as the day go by it will be completed between the end of March 2016 through April 2016. The participant will learn how the canoe was built. Since we are at 90% completion we can always go back and give you all the information of how the sakman is build from the day they cut the tree in the jungle to its completion of the build up next to the water. At this time we are at the LASHING stage which means the tying of all the parts to the Sakman.


    Career Pathway/Field

    Continuing of education for building traditional canoe. TASA mentor is Mr. Antonio Piailug, and is of a long line of seafarers and traditional navigators.  Originally from the island of Satawal, Mr. Piailug moved to Saipan as a youth in the late 1970's. Mr. Piailug is not only a Master Navigator, Carver, and Hut Builder, he is also a seasoned fisherman. Through the guidance of Mr Piailug, gaining knowledge in these disciplines and developing some of these vocational skills could open opportunites in the areas of natural sciences, pacific history and careers in conservation and preservation of natural resources.


    Continue to promote and practice the Traditional Affirming our Seafaring Ancestry. There are so much to learn. I can testify that when I first got into this I never want to quit. There are so much things to learn. I am a product for Mr. Piailug on how to sail a 14 footer tradtional canoe with the wind. Amazing experience and I am about to get into the bigger picture along with the celebration of 2016 Guam Fes Pac Festival.


    This is TASA first time, first year to paricipate to teach students about seafaring. No particular instruction. First day it will be all visual, taking notes, asking questions, and witnessing the build of the sakman. Her name is FENAGAYAN. We really don't have a school set type. Its more visual, and just being present. All your learning is what is transpired that particular day. After the Sakman is completed than will work on future  schedule to build a smaller canoe to learn the process of the build up. 


    When we hear seafaring it means in the beach shallow water, or ocean deep water. We all start from the basic either your experience diver or evena person that have not touch the ocean in your times. We are like the canoe paddlers except we do both. We paddle our canoe is the basic, than sailing the canoe will be the advance part. No worries all participants will be guided until such time they are comfortable on there progress. 


    Issue Area

    Agana Boat Basin area, across Jamaincan Grill Restaurant there is a TASA sign

    Agency Description

    Chamorro Traditional Seafaring

    Point of Contact Informations

    Mr. Vicente C. Borja


    FB: tasamarianas


    Site: Agana Boat Basin across Jamaican Grill you will see a TASA sign.

    Comments about the Project Location

    Whenever you are learning about seafaring it means next to the ocean, or the beach. I would suggest to wear beach clothing with extra change of clothing. Bring your note pads as you may need to document what you have learn that particular day.