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George Washington High School, John F. Kennedy High School, Okkodo High School, Simon Sanchez High School, Southern High School, Guam Community College, Tiyan High, J.P. Torres Alternative School
Art, Social Studies, History, Business, English, JROTC, Geography, Literature, Sociology , Chamorro
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Lisa M. Aguon
2016 Memorial Day Preperation
Basic Information
  • National Park Service and Pacific Historic Parks
    Kina Lewis
    9, 10, 11, 12
    Suitable for Persons with Disabilities
    No Costs

  • Description

    Students will assist National Park Service and Pacific Historic Parks staff prepare tea-lights and flags that will be used during the 2016 Memorial Day Flag Display that is set up on May to honor the 3, 052 U.S. and Chamoru lives that were lost during World War II.  The flag display attracks over 500 visitors to our park, to commemerate this solem event.  

    The event will take place at Asan Beach from 9am to 12pm.

    Career Pathway/Field

    Careers in history, electricity, engineering, with the military and the National Park Service.


    Our objective is to build awareness in our youth regarding Guam History and about the service and sacrifice made suring World War II.

    Also to prepare 3,000+ tea lights by changing out the batteries and ensure that they are operating properly and also to attach those lights to Guam and U.S. flags that will be used during the May Memorial Day Flag Display.


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    This is a non-complex event, students will be under a canopy during the event and supplied with all tools and equipment needed.  Be sure to wear clothing such as long sleeved shirts, pants and a hat to protect yourselves from the sun.  Coolers with iced water will be supplied, but participants are encouraged to bring their own reusable water bottle to stay hydrated at all times.  


    Wear sun protection

    Issue Area

    Assisting a federal agency with public events to commemorate those who perished in World War II

    Agency Description

    War in the Pacific National Historical Park (WAPA) is the western most park of all the National Park Service units and it's cooperating non-profit supporting organization Pacific Historic Parks. It was created to honor all those who participated in the campaigns of the Pacific Theater of World War II and to conserve and to interpret the natural, scenic, and historic values and objects on the island of Guam.

    Point of Contact Informations

    Kina-Doreen G. Lewis

    Education Specialist Assistant and Service-Learning Coordinator

    777-4301 or 477-7278 ext. 1017 or

    Comments about the Project Location

    Project location will be at Asan Beach.  A map will be included in the images and documents section of this post.