Project Information

George Washington High School
Grace Griffin Block 5
Project Ended
Graziella Griffin
Basic Information
  • Marine Corps Activity Guam (MCAG)
    Suitable for Persons with Disabilities
    $15 or less

  • Description

    To foster greater participation and expand the contribution base for the Toys for Tots (T4T) program.

    Career Pathway/Field


    Each of the high schools would be invited to compete in a contest to collect toys during the T4T campaign season (roughly 30 September; Chamber Kick off date through 14 December). The winning high school would receive a cash reward ($1000) and have their name placed on a traveling plaque that would be presented to the Student Body President of the winning high school prior to holiday break. The second and third place schools would also receive cash rewards ($500 and $250 respectively).


    Each High school would be provided one collection box by MCAG. Only new, packaged (with the exception of certain sporting goods and stuffed animals) and unused toys will be counted. Cash will not be accepted. Schools would be responsible for contacting MCAG for pick up and ensuring that the tally of toys is accurate and agreed upon prior to MCAG personnel taking possession of the toys. Only toys collected at the high school would be counted for a particular school (toys brought directly to MCAG would not be credited toward an individual school tally).The winner will be determined on a percentage basis by dividing the amount of toys collected by the total number of students at each high school. For example, if high school A has 500 students and donated 50 toys and high school B has 300 students and donated 50 toys, then high school B would be the winner as they donated more toys on a percentage basis. This formula provides for a more equitable representation of the level of participation at each high school than a formula based solely on the number of collected toys.


    1. The contest will begin 1 October 2015. The last date of collection for this challenge will be 14 December 2015.
    2. Toys collected after this date will not count for this contest.
    3. Only new and unwrapped toys/items will be accepted. Toys resembling weapons will not be accepted. 
    4. Toys/gifts will be collected for children age newborn to 17 years old. ï‚·
    5. Toys will be distributed to children on Guam through the Salvation Army and through the Catholic Social Service. 
    6. Cash prizes will be presented to the student bodies of the winning high schools (the specific student organization will be determined by the principal).
    No Gun Toys.... Special Need for Teen Toys

    Issue Area

    Advocacy for Underprivileged Youth

    Agency Description

    Point of Contact Informations

    Captain Brian Ralston, USMC at 355-2345 or

    Gunnery Sergeant Justin Park, USMC at 355-5526 or 

    Comments about the Project Location

    At each high school as explained in the instructions.