Project Information

TASL Project Year 2
John F. Kennedy High School
Rosalina San Niciolas (US History and World Geography)
Social Studies, History, Computer Education, Special Education , Geography
School and Outside of School
Project Ended
Rosalina M San Nicolas
Basic Information
  • GPSS
    Rosalina San Nicolas
    9, 10, 11, 12
    Suitable for Persons with Disabilities
    No Costs

  • Description

    Utilizing technology awarded through GPSS grants of a Promethean Board and Mobil lab, US History and World Geography students will mentor and tutor special needs students in the basic use of technology to support their IEP's under the guidance of sponsoring teacher and collaboration with resource room teachers at JFKHS.

    Career Pathway/Field


    Given the opportunity to peer mentor a student with disabilities, general education students will assist their peers in basic use of technology to support their IEP's and academic skills.


    Students will sign up with Ms. Rosalina San NIcolas in D213, sign a parental consent for participation form, attend training on disability awareness provided by resource room teachers during lunch time or designated time as approved by JFKHS administration, participate in project, complete pre and post questionnaire to assess the impact of program on student awareness of student disabilities and technological access.


    Issue Area

    Peer support in area of technology for students with disabilities, advocacy for students with disabiliites

    Agency Description

    GPSS US History and World Geography

    Point of Contact Informations

    Rosalina San Nicolas

    Comments about the Project Location

    JFKHS and any field trips as approved by JFKHS administration to support the goal of increasing technological access for students of disabilities and increasing peer awareness of the unique challenges of their peers.