Project Information

Public Health Literacy Project
John F. Kennedy High School, Okkodo High School, Simon Sanchez High School, Tiyan High, J.P. Torres Alternative School
Education, Social Welfare
Consumer and Family Science, English, Language Arts, Literature
School and Outside of School
Sign Up Date Passed
Juanita C.V. Blaz
Basic Information
  • The Ayuda Foundation / Island Girl Power
    Audrey Brown/ Eileen M. Castro
    10, 11, 12
    Not Suitable for Persons with Disabilities
    No Costs

  • Description

    The project is a partnership between Public Health and The Ayuda Foundation. We work to increase literacy among our most vulnerable populations.

    Career Pathway/Field



    To build students awareness of the literacy issues on GUAM and beyond. To encourage leadership and independent facilitation of their literacy project To teach positive reading behaviors to parents To distribute free children's books and family reading material


    Research literacy issues on Guam Discuss project with your school or club, select project coordinator. Contact POC to schedule reading dates and times. Organize children's book drive in school and community. In a team of 3-5 people bring 30-50 books to Dededo Public Health, set up books on bookshelves in waiting area, please ensure your team is either dressed in school uniform or professional clothing, walk through Public Health with a positive and cheery attitude invite families with children to come to the reading corner in the new extension wing. Take turns reading short and fun books to kids.... remember to put character voices into the stories. After 3-5 books are read welcome children to pick one book each to take home.


    Must have 1adult attend to assist with picture taking. keep in mind no children faces should be close up in pictures unless a photo release is created and signed by child's parent.

    Issue Area

    Agency Description

    Disaster relief, health and well-being of Micronesia / Youth Leadership & Female Empowerment

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    Comments about the Project Location

    School site and Community for book drive Dededo Public Health for reading days