Teachers can use this platform simply as “approving teachers”, to manage students (hours and service learning work).Teachers will manage the students who choose them as their “approving teacher”. In this case it all starts with students seeking approval from a teacher to do a project. This teacher is the “approving teacher” for that student for that project. Students will choose approving teachers from their school from a list they can access while logged in.

But teachers also can have another role in Service Learning: Teachers can contribute their own projects. They can do this solely or in collaboration with other teachers or groups/agencies. In this case, the teacher’s role in this platform would be of a “project contributor”.  Teachers can make their projects available to students island-wide or restrict projects to their respective school and/or class.  When a teacher is a project contributor, he/she will manage students as a project contributor, and does not need to necessarily be their teacher. Sometimes, teachers would be both form some students, their teacher and project contributor.

Teachers only need to register once, not separately as a community member.  With one account, teachers can fulfill their role as an “approving teacher” and also as a “project contributor”.